Welcome to Fusion Metal WERX, where precision and innovation unite to shape the future of metal fabrication. Established in 2022 in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, Fusion Metal Werx has rapidly emerged as a premier player in the metal fabrication industry.

About Us

Fusion Metal Werx was founded on a simple yet powerful vision: to be at the forefront of transforming raw metal into exceptional, customized solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a collective passion for engineering and metalwork. Our journey began in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, a place known for its energy and innovation. We embrace this spirit and infuse it into every project we undertake.

Join Us On The Journey

Fusion Metal Werx invites you to join us on this exciting journey of shaping metal into remarkable works of art and function. Whether you're a homeowner, architect, contractor, or business owner, we are here to transform your metal fabrication needs into reality.We look forward to serving you and forging lasting partnerships. Contact Fusion Metal today and experience the fusion of quality, innovation, and dedication in metal fabrication. Together, we can turn your ideas into enduring, tangible creations.

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